Grilles for windows: 5 tips from professionals on installation of metal grills

Grilles for windows: 5 tips from professionals on installation of metal grills

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July 29, 2023

The installation of a grille on the window opening allows you to significantly increase the safety of the home or other object from illegal intrusion. Today, the selection of such constructions is offered in a range of operational/technical characteristics.

When choosing, it is important to consider multiple factors, the most important is the reliability of the construction, but for many, the aesthetic direction is also important. For this category, protective and decorative grilles are sold, capable of combining beauty and safety.

One of the most reliable option is security grilles.

The main types of metal grilles that are offered to us today


Manufacturing method. Today, 3 variants are offered, each with its own strengths:

  1. Welded products are used for installation in commercial premises where reliability and safety are the priority. Separate elements of the construction are joined together by welding. A metal square or beam is used for creation.
  2. Predominantly, the ready-made grille does not differ in the originality of the design, it has simple shapes. However, in terms of reliability in this case, there is no need to doubt it.
  3. Such grilles please with sophistication, uniqueness and originality of execution. Production can be realized by the method of hot and cold forging. We note that handwork is always valued many times higher and not only in terms of design.

The finished product meets the established standards and quality requirements as much as possible. The originality of the grille is given by numerous decorative elements, which simultaneously serve as protection from intruders and painting of the window opening with the facade.

Combined grilles. Such options are in the middle price category. The welding method is used in production, but the construction is supplemented with various decorative forged elements that give the finished product attractiveness in design. We note that it is precisely such options that are in demand among many buyers today, due to the financial availability of the solution, which allows you to provide the object with additional protection.

Geometric shape, today various construction options are offered, which allows you to easily choose a solution that is best suited for installation in a window opening in terms of not only the size, but also the shape. Today we offer:

  • Rectangular constructions, which are considered the most common;
  • Round grilles, rarely found especially in residential houses;
  • Arched grilles are produced individually based on the features of the window opening;
  • Voluminous options are unique, they are in demand, they are most often found in private houses and apartments.

Types of grilles on windows

security grilles for windows

So, the reliability that is provided by the installed grille depends to a large extent on the method of its installation. There are several methods of fastening the grilles in the window opening, let’s consider them in detail:

  • Swing doors are 100% safe to use, they can be opened if necessary, leaving the window opening open. Such designs meet the requirements of fire safety to the maximum. The parts of the grilles are securely connected to each other by a lock or a special device;
  • The most reliable gratings are stationary, however, they do not meet fire safety requirements. Installation of the structure is carried out by welding to the reinforcement, which is hammered into the wall of the window opening. When choosing such a solution, it is recommended to install swing bars on any one window in the house, through which it will be possible to leave the house in case of an emergency, for example, in case of fire;
  • Grilles-curtains are the most reliable in terms of security. The finished structure has an increased burglary resistance. Installation is provided from the inside of the building. When choosing, it is important to pay attention to the presence of free space, if it turns out to be insufficient, then the grill will not fully function when opened.
  • Removable gratings compare favorably with reliability, they meet the requirements of fire safety to the maximum. Installation of a metal structure is carried out on a bolted connection. A feature of this type of grating is its ability to be dismantled with subsequent installation. This is beneficial if you need to organize maintenance of the structure.

Choosing a grille for the house: highlights

grilles for house

Having decided on the goals to be pursued, having familiarized yourself with the features and advantages of each of the grating options, it will be easier to make the right choice. However, one should not forget to take into account the following nuances:

  1. It is prohibited by fire safety to install a deaf type of grille on all windows. At least one window in the house must have a sliding or hinged grill through which it will be possible to leave the room;
  2. The most functionally reliable and outwardly attractive design is obtained, in the production of which a square or round bar with a cross section of 16-20 mm was used;
  3. When choosing a design, you should take into account the distance between the decorative elements. It is not recommended to fix the rods at a distance of more than 15 cm, since this can significantly reduce the protective functions of the structure.
  4. The grate must be purchased in a specific size, so before placing an order, it is important to measure the window opening. You can cope with such work on your own, from the tools you need only a tape measure.

If an overhead structure is considered, then its edges should overlap the wall along the perimeter by at least 15 centimeters. If a distance less than the specified one is chosen, then the protective and strength indicators of the installed grate will decrease.

To sum up

The grille that will be mounted inside the window opening should be 160 mm less in height, 80 mm on each side and 10 cm less than the width of 5 cm, respectively. This distance is required for installation work. First, metal rods will need to be installed into the wall to a depth of 10-15 cm, to which the grille frame will be attached.

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