ChatGPT – How to Get Premium Features Without Paying?

ChatGPT – How to Get Premium Features Without Paying?

Written by Sophie Robertson, In Artificial Intelligence, Published On
July 11, 2023

In February 2023, OpenAI introduced ChatGPT Plus, a revolutionary subscription service that offers users enhanced features and exclusive access to the GPT-4 language model. With faster response times, improved accuracy, and priority access during peak periods, ChatGPT Plus delivers an unparalleled conversational AI experience. This article will explore the question of whether it is possible to utilize ChatGPT Plus for free.

Is ChatGPT Plus available for free?

Unfortunately, there is no direct way to use ChatGPT Plus for free. ChatGPT Plus is a premium service provided by OpenAI that requires a paid subscription. However, there are alternative platforms and chatbots that integrate GPT-4, allowing you to leverage its capabilities without the need for a paid subscription. ForeFront AI, HuggingFace, Poe and Ora,, and Taplio are a few of these platforms. Additionally, you can utilize the Merlin extension or the website to access GPT-4. It’s important to note that these platforms may have different limitations and features, so it’s advisable to explore them and choose the one that suits your needs.

Utilizing ChatGPT 4 for Free

Although ChatGPT Plus requires a subscription, there are alternative methods to utilize GPT-4 without incurring any costs. It’s important to remember that these approaches could have drawbacks and are not a substitute for ChatGPT Plus. You can try ChatGPT 4 for nothing in a few different ways:

  • 1. Sign up for a free account on the website. Once logged in, input your question and click “Run” to receive a response from the ChatGPT 4 model.
  • 2. Merlin: Install the Merlin extension and create a free account. Start the Merlin extension, select “Add Task,” type your task, choose “GPT-4” from the list of options, and then click “Run Task” to get the outcome from the ChatGPT 4 model.
  • 3. Forefront AI: Visit the Forefront AI website and interact with their free chatbot powered by the GPT-4 model. You can ask a question and get an answer by just typing.
  • 4. Microsoft Bing: Access the Microsoft Bing website and click on the “Chat” button located in the bottom right corner. Use the GPT-4 model to interact with the chatbot and ask questions to get your questions answered.

While these methods provide access to GPT-4 at no cost, it’s important to be aware of any limitations, such as query restrictions or reduced feature sets. Furthermore, please note that these platforms are independent of OpenAI, and their availability and features may vary.

Subscribing to ChatGPT Plus

Follow these easy steps to utilize ChatGPT Plus’s expanded features:

Step 1: Sign in to ChatGPT

Start by visiting using a web browser and logging in with your existing ChatGPT account. If you encounter any login issues, refer to our ChatGPT login troubleshooting guide for assistance.

Step 2: Click Upgrade to Plus

In the bottom-left corner of the ChatGPT interface, look for the “Upgrade to Plus” option. By clicking on this option, you will initiate the upgrade process.

Step 3: Click Upgrade Plan

A green button labeled “Upgrade Plan” will appear below the current price of ChatGPT in your region. Click on it to proceed. ChatGPT will then send a confirmation code to your registered phone number via text message.

Step 4: Enter the Confirmation Code

Once you get the confirmation code, enter it within the provided field. After confirmation, you may be redirected to a payment shape that shows the overall sum, counting any pertinent charges.

Step 5: Enter Payment Details and Subscribe

ChatGPT Plus utilizes Stripe, a secure payment processor that accepts various payment methods, such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express, JCB, Discover, and more. Enter your To finish the procedure, enter your payment information in the required sections and press “Subscribe”. Upon successful payment processing, you will gain instant access to ChatGPT Plus.

If you encounter any issues during the signup process or have billing-related queries, navigate to, click on the chat icon at the bottom-right corner, and select the “Billing” option to contact our support team.

Using ChatGPT Plus

After successfully joining ChatGPT Plus, examine the following features and choices:

Step 1: Access ChatGPT Plus

To access ChatGPT Plus, visit will be taken directly to the premium edition of ChatGPT as a ChatGPT Plus subscription.

Step 2: Select a Language Model

You’ll be given the option to select GPT-4 or GPT-3.5 when you first open ChatGPT Plus. Opt for GPT-4 by clicking “Try GPT-4” to experience the latest version of the language model. Alternatively, you can select “Maybe later” to continue using GPT-3.5. Keep in mind that you are always free to change language models.

Step 3: Manage Your Subscription

Unlike the free version, ChatGPT Plus provides an exclusive “My account” menu where you can access your subscription information. To manage your ChatGPT Plus subscription, click “My account” in the left sidebar. If you wish to cancel your subscription, choose “Manage my subscription” and select “Cancel plan.”

Step 4: Switch Language Models

Regardless of your initial selection, you can switch between GPT-4 (the newest model), Default (GPT-3.5), or Legacy (GPT-3.5) by using the “Model” menu. Click on “New chat” at the top-left corner and choose the desired model from the drop-down menu in the “Model” section of ChatGPT Plus.

Step 5: Experiment with GPT-4

Explore with GPT-4 to bring ChatGPT Plus to its full potential. Use GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 to have dialogues while giving both models the identical cue. Determine which model delivers a better experience by observing the caliber of the responses. But take note that depending on demand, GPT-4 usage in ChatGPT Plus can be limited. If you encounter a message stating “GPT-4 currently has a cap of 25 messages every 3 hours,” switch to GPT-3.5 for unlimited messaging using the menu.

Furthermore, ChatGPT Plus’ left sidebar makes it simple to access all of your prior conversations.


With the introduction of ChatGPT Plus, OpenAI has transformed the landscape of conversational AI, providing users with unparalleled capabilities and exclusive access to the powerful GPT-4 language model. By following the simple steps outlined in this article, you can effortlessly upgrade your free ChatGPT account to ChatGPT Plus and unlock the full potential of this cutting-edge chatbot. Enjoy simple subscription management, quicker responses, increased accuracy, and priority access during busy periods while exploring other language models. Alternative approaches are available for people looking for a free GPT-4 experience, albeit they can have drawbacks. Embrace the power of ChatGPT Plus and delve into the future of conversational AI.

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